Sunday, 29 January 2012

Advantages and disadvantages of an electronic voting system

There are few advantages and disadvantages of  an electronic voting system. In this century alot of country also using electronic voting system. Alot of country is running this system during election for example Malaysia and Us. Advantages of using online voting claims the convenience, flexibility and less cost. 

An electronic voting is an electronic system which uses election that would allow voters to transmit their secure and secret voted ballot to election officials over the internet.From now on, engineers have repeatedly created new  technology to improve the feasibility of electronic voting system. Furthermore, it is convenience because with the well-designed software and system, the voters can simply use their own equipment with the minimal time and skill to finish the voting process. Mobility. voters use mobile to vote any time any where, nowadays mobiles device such as ipad , Samsung galaxy and, iphone. Less cost. Using electronic voting saves money from reducing the personnel expense for example, expense for location management and administration fee. Go green saving the paper by using online voting. Tally speed. By clicking just a small button can summit your voting to the system, it us much faster than the traditional ballot counting method operated by people.


Despite the particular advantages to electronic voting system, critics of electronic voting argue about the security issue and the unequal access chance to the internet are the main drawbacks to the system. Further more, inequality problem because for those people with low salary might not able to afford the equipment for electronic voting. They are not able to use the computer facility might lose their privilege in voting. secondly, vulnerable to security the security issue is the main drawback of the electronic voting system. The attacks might be happened from the webpage, network, to the extent of server’s database. Virus  The server can be easily protected from the attack  of virus by using some specific kinds of operating system. Data will be dangerous if virus attack.

Above are the descriptions of the advantages and disadvantages.

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